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 Laking Financial Group is a group of Mortgage Brokers and Associates.  We are based in Fredericton, NB.  We are part of the Mortgage Intelligence, Mortgage Brokerage. We are able to  handle mortgage applications from all across Canada.  We are also listed with the Better Business Bureau of Atlantic Canada.  



Meet the Brokers & Associates at Laking Financial Group

Michael Laking
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Broker License # 160000439
Office: 506-474-1070
Cell: 506-260-1103
Email: mikelaking@lakingfinancial.com
With more then 16 years experience in the mortgage industry I have had many roles working with lenders and brokerages.  My main priority is providing excellent customer service.  I want to understand your mortgage needs so I can provide the best possible advice and solutions.  I take care of negotiating with the lenders for you to ensure you get the best deal possible.  Whether you are a first time home buyer, refinancing an existing property, adding additional rental/vacation properties or if you are just tired of paying higher interest rates and want to shop around I am here to make sure it's a stress-free and positive experience.
When I am not at the office I am spending time with the two loves of my life, my wife and daughter.  We have a close knit family and try to stay active in the community.  I am a huge sports fan, particulary hockey and soccer.  
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Jim Stackhouse
Mortgage Associate License # 160000463
Office: 506-216-8500
Cell: 506-474-2383
Email: Jim.Stackhouse@migroup.ca
With more then 8 years experience working in the financial industry Jim has been a great asset to our group.  Jim's consistent high performance has allowed him to deal with many different types of scenarios over the years.  This knowledge has allowed him to go above and beyond helping clients achieve their financial goals.
Dedication, hard work and perseverance is the best way to describe Jim Stackhouse.  He will continue to work with our lenders until the right deal is reached for you.
Even though Jim doesn't take much time off from work when he does he loves spending time with his wife and son.  Jim also loves taking in hockey games during the NHL season.

Darlene Jamieson
Mortgage Associate License # 160000469
Office - 506-474-1070
Cell - 506-476-5373
Email: Darlene.Jamieson@migroup.ca
After a long career in various Sales roles Darlene joined our group in 2009.  Her previous roles have allowed her to develop strong sales and negotiating skills.
Darlene works many long hours until the job is complete and her client is looked after.  Darlene has worked hard to develop key relationships over the years to setup a strong network of referrals.  After all in our industry referrals are a huge part of our success.
When Darlene is away from the office nothing satisfies her more than a little retail therapy.  She is known around the office as the "Fashion Expert" and the one who makes our office colorful.
Brandon Kirby
Mortgage Associate License #170021856
Cell - 506-440-1913
Email: brandon.kirby@migroup.ca


Starting in 2004 I began in the financial services industry as a bank teller, going on to work as bank officer, financial advisor, entrepreneur, tax specialist, investor, credit advisor, and mortgage associate. I’m also a member of Fredericton’s investment club. I’m excited to do mortgages for new home purchases, refinances, rental or vacation properties, as well as debt consolidation loans and helping to rebuild credit.

Outside of finance my hobbies include economics, philosophy, logic puzzles, yoga, astronomy, Mixed Martial Arts, every variation of science fiction, and I’m currently learning the Persian language.
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Laking Financial
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Fredericton, NB

Ph: 506-474-1070
Cell: 506-260-1103
Fax: 506-474-1085

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