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CMHC cutting back Insurance Coverage

April 28, 2014 | Posted by: Laking Financial

Effective May 30, CMHC said it will discontinue insuring second homes and will require self-employed Canadians to have third party income income validation.  

Now will you be able to buy a second home?  The simple answer is Yes but it may not be able to be insured meaning you may require a larger down payment.  There are Private mortgage insurers in Canada who have similar programs that may not cut their programs.  Time will tell after they have a chance to respond.

The second home product was introduced in 2005 and applied when purchasing an owner-occupied second home anywhere in Canada.

CMHC said it will limit the availability of homeowner mortgage loan insurance to only one property (one to four units) per borrower/co-borrower at any given time.

For self-employed borrowers this will make things more difficult to obtain mortgage financing.  Many self-employed borrowers often have many expenses to write off thus lowering their taxable income.  While this does help save on taxes, it has a negative impact on mortgage financing.   There is currently another self-employed program available with Genworth Financial (private mortgage insurer).  For those self-employed borrowers, lets hope they don't make any changes.

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